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These Gloriosa Are The Larger Size Grade 1 And Not Like The Cheaper Grade 2 Ones For Sale On Ebay So Will Have Superb Blooms And Well Worth The Extra!!

“Gloriosa (Superba) Rothschildiana” Is A Climbing Member Of The Lily Family Which Are Natives Of South Africa. These Bulbs Are Also A Vine That Climbs By Means Of Tendrils At The Tips Of Their Leaves. Some Common Names Include Climbing Lily, Flame Lily And Glory Lily.

“Gloriosa (Superba) Rothschildiana” Is Perhaps One Of The Most Delicate And Beautifully Flowering Plants You Will Ever Come Across. Their Unusual And Exotic Flowers Have Been Featured On Us Postage Stamps And Are The National Flower Of At Least One African Country. They Make An Outstanding Cut Flower In Arrangements And The Configuration Of Their Stamens And Pistil Has Been Compared To A Clock And A Minute Hand.

“Gloriosa (Superba) Rothschildiana” Has Received The Royal Horticultural Society’s Award Of Garden Merit (Agm) Which Is For Plants Of Outstanding Excellence.

These Strange And Exotic Looking Lily-Like Flowers Are 4-5 Inches Across With Wavy-Edged Petals That Are Reflexed Back As If Blown By A Strong Wind, In Bud, The Petals Face Downward, But They Open Up To A Backward Arch. These Wavy, Swept-Back Petals Are Crimson-Red, With A Yellow Base And Edged In Bright Yellow Making The Blossoms Look Like They Are On Fire. The Green Stamens Are Extremely Prominent And Spread Outward And The Pistil Points To The Side Of The Nodding Blooms.

They Produce Weak, Trailing Stems Clothed With Glossy, Lushgreen, And Whorled Leaves Which Are Tipped At The Ends With Tendrils To Aid In Climbing. The Fast Growing Vines Can Climb Up To 8 Feet On A Fence Or Trellis In Warm Weather, Bloom And Then Die.


Plant Indoors In Pots 2-4 Inches Deep, You Can Plant Several Specimans So Long As They Are About 6 Inches Apart. Just Lay Them On Their Side And Cover Them Up, They Will Know Which Way Is Up. Water Well, Thoroughly Soaking The Compost And Then Allow Any Residue To Drain Away. If Kept In A Warm Room You Can Expect To See New Shoots In 2-3 Weeks Place In Indirect Sunlight And Keep Soil Evenly Moist Once It Begins To Grow, Move It Into More Sun And Increase Watering, Never Leave Them Waterlogged Or Standing In Water As This Encourage Rots. After Blooming, Withhold Water And Fertilizer, Allowing The Plant To Go Dormant.


Tubers Can Be Started Indoors In Winter And Then Transplanted In The Garden After The Danger Of Frost Has Passed, Select A Spot In The Garden Where Or Fence Can Support The Plants As They Climb. Plant The Finger-Like, L Or V-Shaped Tubers Horizontally 2-4 Inches Deep And 12 Inches Apart. Keep Well Watered Until Shoots Appear. Then Keep Soil Moist But Not Soggy, 1-3 Tubers Can Be Grown In An 8 Inch Container.

“Gloriosa Rothschildiana” Is Suitable For Growing On Trellises, Pots And Containers Indoors And Out, Houseplants Or In The Garden. Their Cut Flowers Last Well In Summer Heat And Their Buds Continue To Open Long After Picking. If The Flowers Are Cut Just Before The Petals Bend Back, They Will Last Up To 8 Days In An Arrangement. Split The Main Stem Before Putting It Into A Vase.

After Blooming Gradually Stop Watering Them. When The Foliage Dies Down And Has Completely Ripened, Dig The Tubers, Which May Be Deeper Than When Planted. Clean The Tubers, Offsets May Be Detached, Or The Tubers Nay Be Divided At Repotting Time. Make Sure That Each Cut Piece Has An Eye, Or Growing Point. Store Them In Dry Peat Or Sand In Frost Free Conditions For 3-6 Months Until The Pink Buds Form. They Can Also Be Left In Their Pots Of Dry Soil Until Spring, When They Should Be Replanted In Fresh Soil.

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