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CATEGORY Hyacinthus Orientalis HEIGHT 25 CM



Hyacinth Is The Familiar Perennial Bulb Grown For Its Upright Clusters Of Highly Fragrant Tightly-Packed Waxy Flowers Imported Long Ago From Its Home In Western Asia. It Has Been Bred Extensively, Mainly By Dutch Growers, To Produce A Range Of Colours From White Through Yellow And Pink To Red, Blue And Purple, As Many As 40 Flowers In Each Cluster.

“Hyacinthus “L’innocence” Has Received The Royal Horticultural Society’s Award Of Garden Merit (Agm) Which Is For Plants Of Outstanding Excellence.

“L’innocence” Has Cylindrical Clusters Of Very Fragrant, Ivory-White Bell-Shaped Flowers Which Bloom Along Fleshy Stems In Early To Mid-Spring. The Out-Facing Tubular Flowers Have Six Wide-Flaring, Back-Swept Lobes. A Symmetrical Rosettes Of Upright, Lance-Shaped Basal Leaves Surrounds The Flower Stem.

For Indoor Forcing Plant Them In A Suitable Pot With Bulb Fibre, Leave The Top Of The Bulb Above The Surface And Then Weigh Down With Some Sand To Stop The Roots Pushing The Bulb Upwards. Store In A Cool Dark Place And Ensure To Keep Moist Not Wet Through. Once The Shoots Appear Bring Into A Warm, Light Room In The House And The Buds Will Begin To Bloom.

“Hyacinths” Prefer Sun Or Light Shade And Well-Drained But Fertile Soil. They Look Best Planted In Masses Among Other Spring Bulbs. They Make A Showy Bedding Plant Or A Spring Herald In Mixed Borders. In The Garden Their Fragrance Can Be Detected From A Considerable Distance. They Are Also Ideal For Winter Forcing. They Can Also Be Planted In Pots, Try Planting Them In A Pot With Tête Á Tête For A Georgeous Combination. It Can Be Grown In Containers Using Pre-Chilled Bulbs. It Will Also Flower In A Hyacinth Glass, A Vessel That Holds The Bulb, Just Touching The Surface Of A Reservoir Of Water In Which The Roots Grow. The Heavenly Fragrance Will Chase The Winter Blues From Any Room In The House.

Hyacinths Aren’t Liked By Deer Or Rodents.

When Purchasing Hyacinth Bulbs It Is Tempting To Spend The Extra Money For Super-Large Bulbs. These Produce Enormous Flower Heads With 60-70 Florets On Each Bulb’s Single Stem. For Indoor Forcing This Is Fine, But In The Open Garden This Enormous Bloom Will Be Way Too Top-Heavy And May Be A Disappointment. Mid-Sized Hyacinth Bulbs Produce Smaller Blooms But Still Pretty Darned Big, With Far Fewer Tip-Overs. Bulb Size 14/15 &15/16 Are Best For Outdoors. Anything Larger Should Be Reserved For Indoor Forcing.

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