Keeping your garden cool in summer

It's not just us humans wilting in this heat! Our parks and gardens are also feeling the strain. Follow our top tips for protecting your plants.

  1. Water your plants liberally first thing in the morning to avoid scorching their roots. You can also water in the evening although this can encourage slugs and snails!
  2. Cut a length of pipe in to small lengths and push them into the soil to the side of the plant roots with a small part left above the ground. Water the plant through the pipe to reduce evaporation.
  3. Place ice cubes in your hanging baskets or containers to for a slow release solution to daily watering.
  4. Mulch deeply with organic matter to maintain soil moisture. This also keeps thirsty weeds in check.
  5. Don't dig! Digging the soil dries it out. Let the worms do their job and practice a no-dig policy during the warmest months.
  6. Don't waste water on grass: it will recover when the rain returns! Leaving it a little longer, however, will conserve moisture at the base of the leaves.
  7. Plant a selection of drought tolerant plants in the spring. Our favourites include echinacea,rudbeckia,sedum,lavender and asters