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The Soothing Tones Of The Flowering La Hybrid Lily “Litouwen” Has Big Side-Facing Ivory-White Flowers. This Tall, Sturdy-Stemmed Selection Produces Loose Clusters Of Trumpet-Like Blooms In Midsummer. They Are Very Scented.

Cultivated For Over 5 Thousand Years Lillies Are Undoubtedly One Of The Most Beloved And Treasured Of All Perennial Garden Flowers. They Are Undeniably Beautiful. From When They First Break The Topsoil Lilies Command Attention, The Stems With Their Spirals Of Fresh Clean-Cut Narrow Leaves, Lengthen At An Almost Visible Rate And Are Soon Topped By Prolific Buds That Hint Of The Exotic Blooms To Come.

L.A. Hybrids Are The Result Of Crossing The Many-Coloured Asiatic Lilies With The Larger, Trumpet-Flowering Easter Lily, Longiflorum. They Typically Bear Clusters Of Wide-Flaring And Up-Facing Flowers Atop Strong Stems That Are Particularly Long-Lasting As Cutflowers. Stems Are Lined With Glossy Green, Narrow, Lance-Shaped Leaves.

Lily Bulbs Should Be Planted In Holes Such That The Tops Of The Bulbs Are About 12 Cm Underground. Sprinkle A Small Amount Of Fertilizer Into The Hole Before Placing The Bulbs. Lilies Prefer Full To Partial Sun And Neutral, Well-Drained Humus-Rich Soil. They Are Perfect For Cutting Gardens, Summer Containers And Mixed Borders. If The Lilies Grow More Than 90 Cms, They May Require Staking Although You Will Likely Find The Stems Are Incredibly Strong. As Soon As Buds Form Is The Time To Begin Staking The Plants. L.A. Hybrid Blooms Are Long Lasting In The Garden And In Bouquets And Are Very Fragrant

They Will Multiply Each Year And Every Few Years Will Require Thinning, So That They Don’t Become Too Crowded. Allow The Plants To Die Off Naturally Rather Than Cutting Them Down After Blooming. This Will Ensure The Bulbs Have Seen A Full Return Of Nutients From The Plant Before Winter.

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