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Grandiflora Glads Are Complex Hybrids Developed From Some Of The More Than 250 Gladiolus Species. All Gladioli Are Hebaceous Perennials That Grow From Bulbous “Corms” Covered With Fibrous Papery Skin. Many Are Native To Africa, Particularly South Africa, But Other Species Are From Asia, The Mediterranean And The Arabian Peninsula. Of The Numerous Gladiolus Species And Hybrids Grown In Gardens, Grandiflora Glads Are By Far The Best Known.

Gladioli Are Striking Flowers In The Perennial Garden And Are One Of The Most Popular Summer Flowering Corms Grown For Cut Flowers. Each Corm Sends Up An Upright Cluster Of Stiff, Typically Dark Green Fronds. The Flowers Of The Gladioli Begin Producing Blooms In Mid-Summer To Late Summer. Plant Gladiolus With Other Summer Flowering Corms Such As Dahlias, Peonies And Lilies For Maximim Summer Blooms. To Stagger Flowering, Plant Some Corms Every Week From April To June To Provide Flowers Throughout The Summer.

Gladioli Are Very Popular As Cut Flowers. Cut The Flower Spike When The First Floret Is Showing Colour For The Best Quality Cut Flowers. Be Sure To Leave At Least Two And Preferably Four Leaves On The Plant After Cutting Spikes To Help Corms Mature Properly, So That The Remaining Foliage Can Replenish The Corm For Next Season’s Blooms. Gladiolus Or Glads As They Are Called, Make Nice Accents To Container Garden Planting.

Gladiolus Show Best When Planted In Masses Of 5 Or More Corms. Plant Glads In With Lilies In A Perennial Garden For A Knock-Out Bloom Combination.

Gladiolus Leaves Are Equitant, Which Means They Overlap And Unfold Like A Fan. The Showy Blooms Are Densely Borne In One-Sided Spikes Atop Waist-High Stems. The Funnel-Shaped, Six-Lobed Flowers Open From The Bottom Of The Spike Up, With Many Opening Simultaneously.

Plant This Perennial In Sun Or Partial Shade At Least 15 Cm Down In Well-Drained Fertile Soil. Please Do Not Plant Until The Frost Has Gone!!!

Once Planted Your Gladioli Should Grow Well With Little Attention. Its Ease Of Cultivation Makes It A Favourite With The Amateur Who Only Has A Limited Amount Of Time To Spend Among The Flowers. It Is A Plant That Anyone Can Grow And It Is A Plant That Will Grow Almost Anywhere. It Is One Of The Few Plants That Seem Almost To Take Care Of Themselves. If Necessary Lift The Corms In The Autumn, After Flowering Has Finished And Upturn Them To Dry And Drain. A New Corm Would Have Formed So Remove The Old One With A Knife. Store The Corms In A Cool Dry Location Indoors.

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