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Ready Potted 1 Litre Pot ZANTEDESCHIA PICASSO CALLA (Arum) Lily

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BLOOMS SUMMER Ready Potted 1 Litre Pot

Already Potted In 1 Litre Round Pots With Growth, Root And Shoot Development. The Main Picture Is A Stock Photo Only And Shows How The Plant Will Look When The Plant Is Fully Mature. Amount Of Bulbs Per Pot Varies Depending On The Type/Size Of Bulb, But Rest Assured The Pots Are Full. Each Pot Makes A Lovely Display And Can Be Either Left In Pots Or Taken Out And Used To Add Colour To Larger Containers, Or Borders.

“Zantedeschia” Originate From Africa. It Is An Old Fashioned, But Very Rewarding Plant. “Zantedeschia” Is Named After Professor Zantedeschi 1773-1846, An Italian Physician And Botanist.

The Striking And Unique Blooms Of This Hybrid Calla Lily “Picasso” Are A Rich Purple With A Broad Creamy-White Rim. Borne On Medium-Tall Stems From Late Spring Into Summer, The Blooms Comprise An Exquisite Funnel-Shaped Bract (Spathe) Wrapped Around A Yellow Finger-Like Flower Stalk (Spadix) The Spathe Arches And Flares To One Side, Giving It An Asymmetrical Pitcher Shape. The Handsome Leaves Are Broadly Arrow-Shaped, Medium Green, And Speckled With White.

“Picasso” Is An Excellent Cut Flower With Tall, Long Stems Topped With Lovely Flowers And Last A Long Time In Water.

“Picasso Zantedeschia” Will Flower For Long Periods Throughout The Summer With Dramatic And Exotic Shaped Flowers. They Are Not Frost Hardy So Should Not Be Planted Out Until After The End Of May In The Border Or Pots.

The Flowers Are Scented And This Attracts Various Crawling Insects And Bees Which Are Resposible For Pollinating The Flowers. Cross Pollination Occurs As The Anthers Of Each Flower Ripen Before The Ovaries.

Calla Lilies Do Best In Moist, Rich Soil In Sun Or Light Shade, Or Potted In A Fertile, Well-Drained Mix, Water Liberally From Late Spring To Autumn And Sparingly In Winter. Where Not Hardy, Their Rhizomes (What The Bulbs Are Called) Are Best Not Disturbed But Simply Relocate The Container For Indoor Storage Over Winter In Well-Ventilated, Cool Conditions. Alternatively They Make Excellent Plants For Water Gardens, Containers And The Back Of A Sunny Moist Border, But Lift Them In The Autumn Until Next Spring.

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