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Ready Potted 1 Litre Pot Allium Nigrum

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CATEGORY Allium Nigrum HEIGHT 60cm
VARIETY Black Garlic BLOOMS June/July
DESCRIPTION White Sometimes Tinged Pink With Black Ovaries



Already Potted In 1 Litre Round Pots With Growth, Root And Shoot Development. The Main Picture Is A Stock Photo Only And Shows How The Plant Will Look When The Plant Is Fully Mature. Amount Of Bulbs Per Pot Varies Depending On The Type/Size Of Bulb, But Rest Assured The Pots Are Full. Each Pot Makes A Lovely Display And Can Be Either Left In Pots Or Taken Out And Used To Add Colour To Larger Containers, Or Borders.

“allium nigrum” or black garlic is grown for its flat-topped globular flowers. The florets are creamy-white to pale-lilac with greenish-black ovaries in the centre of each flower, some are blacker then others, which bloom in the summer. “black garlic” gets its name from the dark centres to its flowers. Each umbrel bears twenty to thirty large, open, cup-shaped flowers on deep purple stems. The flowers emerge from long strappy grayish-green basal leaves. Alliums belong to the onion family and thus all have the familiar pungent fragrance when their leaves or stems are crushed.

Black garlic is native to the mediterranean where it grows in full sun and well-draining often sandy soil.

This perennial thrives in fertile, weel drained soil in full sun. Plant it in the autumn and keep it well watered through the growing season. Lift and divide the bulbs only if they become crowded. Grow “nigrum” as an exclamation point in the garden. Be sure to plant extra since the onion works well as either a fresh or dried cut flower.

Large bulbs plant 20cm deep 20cm apart 25 per sq metre. Small bulbs plant 10cm deep 10cm apart 100 per sq metre.

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